Ministers Daughter

by Ruheni

  • ISBN: 9789966460592
  • SKU: 2010141000594

MWANGI RUHENI is a renowned Kenyan novelist of immense diversity who was educated at Makerere University, Uganda, and in Britain. He has written widely especially on social and family relationships. His other works published by E.A.E.P. include Love Root and The Mystery Smugglers (Spear Books), and The Future Leaders (Peak Library).

Jane Njeri, the beautiful daughter of an ageing upcountry clergyman, has suffered a narrow, strict Christian upbringing. She comes to Nairobi after completing school and is introduced to the world of love, crime and money. This swift moving story of her growth and re-education is entertaining and is told with skill and gusto. From her naive idealism emerges a more convincing view of life upon which her new life as a teacher in the countryside is to be established.

‘In this witty and engrossing book, Mr. Ruheni displays the true novelist's gift: he does not argue, he shows.’

- The Sunday Times

‘Like Defoe, then, Ruheni writes of a people experiencing the decisive personal reverberations that accompany rapid social change - in Kenya, specifically, political independence and the centripetal pull of the large city.' 

- Books Abroad.

KES 615

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