Moi at 90 : H.E Daniel Arap Moi celebrates His Ninetieth birthday.

by lee Njiru

  • ISBN: 9789966074775
  • SKU: 2030310000316

A couple of decades ago, a retired civil servant was a tired-looking and lethargic old man on a rocking chair, smoking an equally old pipe. The retirement age then was 55. Mzee Moi defied that stereotype and broke the mould, which was a colonial psychological conspiracy to destroy or stifle the entrepreneurial spirit of retiring civil servants. It was meant to send them to an early grave and save the money meant for their pension.

Mzee Moi was elected the President of Kenya at the age of 54. During his 24 years, four months and eight days at the helm, he exhibited extremely high levels of energy. He was a veritable human dynamo with an encyclopedic mind.

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