Monopoly Fortnite + Connect 4 Grab & Go

Monopoly Fortnite

Fans of fortnite, this edition of the Monopoly (French version) is inspired by the famous fortnite video game!
Goal of the game: be the last survivor!
Players fight each other in fortnite locations to earn maximum points of life.
The action dice allows you to recover life packs and build walls and weaken opponents.
Each player chooses their fortnite character from the 27 available pawns (27 different outfits)


Connect 4 Grab & Go

Grab & go game is a compact mobile version of the connect 4 game, All-in-one playing grid makes storage easy, Includes 21 red checkers and 21 yellow checkers, Checker trays fold up on the playing grid when you're done playing, Includes playing grid with trays, 21 yellow checkers, 21 red checkers and instructions.

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