Moran Primary Science Std 4

by Nyoroh

  • ISBN: 996694575X
  • SKU: 2010123000147

Moran Primary Science is a popular and successful course for pupils learning science in Kenya. The course has been written to meet the specific requirements of the 2002 Primary Science Syllabus.The books include all the latest developments in the teaching and learning of the subject. As well as providing information, these colourful books involve pupils in useful observations, discussions and activities that help develop scientific skills and attitudes as well as knowledge.

The course:

  • has an integrated approach that incorporates traditional areas such as agriculture, health, and home science with such emerging issues as the environment, HIV and AIDS and drug and substance abuse. 
  • encourages the use of materials from the immediate environment and has examples from everyday contexts 
  • contains colour illustrations that enhance perception and help relate the subject to real life. 
  • has carefully graded language levels that make understanding easier for all ability pupils. 
  • contains an excellent combination of activities, fact-checks and exercises. 
  • has syllabus hints to guide pupils as they study and additional relevant information presented as 'know more'. 
  • is written and developed by a team of skilled educators with a wealth of teaching experience in various schools in Kenya. 

The Teacher's Books supplement the Pupil's Books, and provide the aims and objectives for each topic, useful background information, suggestions on teaching methods, assessment tasks, and information on the use of available resources, as well as answers to the exercises in the Pupil's Books.


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