Mugo's Flute

by Stockum

  • ISBN: 9966882197
  • SKU: 2010141000499

Mogo was a Kikuyu boy who lived in Kenya, East Africa, in a village of round thatched huts. He had not grown tall and strong like other boys because of a thahu -- a spell  -- laid on him when he was a baby.  He was too frail to share in the work and play of his village, and for a long time he was content just to play his flute, which he loved."  At his sister's urging Mogo went to see the "Mundo-Mugo" to have the spell taken off.  The wise man told him that "Even with a thahu you are still a member of your tribe. You must take your part in the work and games of your tribe. Otherwise you bring no honor to your ancestors."  He was sent away with a riddle to solve: "What is good to have, better to lose, and best to find again?"

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