Myles Textbook for Midwives 16ED (Elsevier)

by Jayne E. Marshall, Maureen D. Raynor

  • ISBN: 9780702051463
  • SKU: 2020207001208

The most-popular midwifery textbook in the world! The sixteenth edition of this seminal textbook, Myles Textbook for Midwives, has been extensively revised and restructured to ensure that it reflects current midwifery practice, with an increased focus on topics that are fundamental to midwifery practice today. 

New to this edition

• Up-to-date guidance on professional regulation, midwifery supervision, legal and ethical issues, risk management and clinical governance Recognition that midwives increasingly care for women with complex health needs, in a multicultural society Examination of the dilemmas involved in caring for women with a raised body mass index

• Chapter on optimizing care and repair of the --perineum, including women who have undergone female genital mutilation • Guidance to support the trend for midwives to undertake the neonatal physical examination of the healthy term infant • Additional coverage of basic neonatal resuscitation

• Full colour illustrations now used throughout the book, in response to student feedback 

Chapter Features 

• Extensively illustrated to assist visual learning 

• Boxes highlight key information to aid memory recall 

• Streamlined information with similar themes and approach, help consolidate learning 

• Introduction, Aims of the Chapter and Conclusion provide a helpful structure to the information 

• References, Further Reading and Useful Websites promote further learning • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms provide simple definitions of more complex terminologies 

Additional online resources

• Over 500 multiple-choice questions enable students to test their knowledge

• Full image bank of illustrations to assist with projects and/or personal learning. 


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