Painful Tears

Lilian discontinues her education and marries John at a tender age. The couple lives happily until Lilian discovers that John is having an affair with another woman, and this is the beginning of real trouble for Lilian.

This story is about Lilian's growth from a submissive, naive and semi-educated woman to a confident and sophisticated writer who at one stage wins a presidential award. It is these latter qualities that will make her husband want her back. But will she let him back into her life?

Told with grace and ease, this story is a warning to young people to value people for what they are, rather than be taken in by the razzmatazz of material wealth.

Fast-paced and highly entertaining.

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KES 360

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Product code2010141000116
Weight (kg) 0.2
ISBN 9966221379
Author Wairimu Kibugi

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