Peak Primary School Atlas For Social Studies

This Peak Primary School Atlas is especially designed for use in primary schools in Kenya. It comprehensively covers the syllabus requirements for Social Studies. Key features:

  • Accurate and up-to-date county maps with their headquarters. 
  • Great photographs of animals, places and activities including extensive coverage of the solar system. 
  • Sharp illustrations of difficult concepts that make understanding easy. 
  • Thematic maps covering all major topics such as climate, relief, land use, soils, tourism, transport, communication and minerals. 
  • Maps that show South Sudan which is the newly formed country. 
  • Maps and charts on weather and climate that make use of latest data 
  • Maps on population based on the 2009 census report and subsequent revisions.
  • Revision notes that enhance the pupil's understanding of the content. 

Peak Primary School Atlas makes the pupil's study of Social Studies not only enjoyable but also memorable.

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