Pearl (Setbook)

by John Steinbeck

  • ISBN: 9780582461475
  • SKU: 2010102000452


NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE titles provide an excellent selection of popular modem fiction and are suitable for 14-18-year-olds of all abilities.  

■ Notes and questions are provided at the beginning of each section to help guide the student's understanding of key themes and language. ■ A programme of study provides practice in skills required at KCSE. 

■ Other features include:an introduction. Ideas for further reading and a comprehensive glossary. 

■ "You have defied not the pearl buyers, but the whole structure. the whole way of life. and I am afraid for you" When Kino discovers a magnificent pearl, he thinks that he has found security and comfort for his wife and son, but instead it only brings sadness. 

KES 458

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