Practice numbers to 10

by Bev Dunbar

  • ISBN: 2010117001132
  • SKU: 2010117001132

In this book, your child will learn to count from I to 10, sort things into groups, make patterns, match Up numbers to groups of objects and write the numbers I to 10.

  • The Road Runner Series has been written by leading ECDE teachers.
  • The series offers , a systematic and comprehensive program for children in pre-school and their first year of school.
  • Each maths book provides early practice in numeracy skills.
  • Your child will cover a wide range of maths topics and get ahead start for primary school.
  • The activities in each book are divided I nto double pages. Each double page allows your child to practise one particular skill many times so that the skill is reinforced.
  • All books in the series have been rigorously tested by parents and teachers with children in each age group to ensure their success.
  • A clear, easy-to-follow page design has been developed, with clear explanations to help parents, teachers and children.
  • Every page has an extra extension activity to further enrich your child's learning.
  • The author, Bev Dunbarjs an outstanding author, teacher and consultant to teachers who delivers seminars throughout the world
  • Your child will love the fun and interesting illustrations in each book.
  • Each book has a cheerful, brightly coloured border design.
  • There is a hidden picture in the border of every double page your  child will love looking for it!

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