Primary Science Pupils' Book for standard 4

by Gichuki

  • ISBN: 9966446079
  • SKU: 2010123000140

The main objective of the Primary Science course is to equip pupils with scientific knowledge and practical skills that they can apply in their day-to-day life. This Primary Science Pupils' Book for Standard Four has been developed with this objective in mind. This course book comprehensively covers the Revised Primary Science syllabus. The text is presented in a simple concise language and in an attractive layout designed to make the book learner-friendly. Illustrations accompanying the text are done in full colour and depict local situations. The pupils will, therefore, easily identify with the content of this science course book. This Pupils' Book incorporates some aspects of agriculture, health and home science as required by the syllabus. Other emerging issues such as conservation of the environment, gender responsiveness. awareness of HIV/AIDS and drug and substance abuse have also been addressed. The answers to the exercises in this course book are provided in the accompanying Primary Science Teachers' Guide for Standard Four.

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