Primary Social Studies 4 Nairobi county

by Omwoyo

  • ISBN: 9789966101396
  • SKU: 2010124000081

KLB  Revised Edition.

Primary Social Studies Standard Four Pupils' Book is the fourth book in KLB's popular Primary Social Studies series.The book offers gradual guidance to the learners in its syllabus coverage. The content covers the revised syllabus comprehensively and is written in an interactive approach to give readers independence in its use. It exhaustively covers the theme Living Together in the County. The book incorporates amendments made on the syllabus following the promulgation of the new constitution on 27th August 20 I 0. The book has numerous practical activities that make learning of the subject easy and the teaching learner-centred. To reinforce textual content, full colour illustrations are used which help in making topics under consideration easy to understand.The examples used in the book are drawn from the learners' environment. There are adequate Activities and Work to Do after every topic and test exercises after every unit, which enhances self-evaluation by the intended users. Alongside the Pupils' Book, is the Teachers' Guide, which has valuable learning and teaching activities for successful teaching of Social Studies.  

KES 620


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