Promate-Charglit-4 Adaptor UK-60024

Smart Charging Station:

5V/4.4A 4 USB ports allow you to charge 4 devices simultaneously, built-in Smart IC module can detect the device automatically to deliver the fastest charging speed Compatible with all 5V devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, other smartphones, tablet, camera, Kindle, PSP, etc. Electronic devices can be charged even without the light on.

Soothing LED Nightlight:

The Plug-in LED Night Light provides ambient lighting. Not too bright not too dim, but bright enough to see where you are walking. Pressing the button on the top of the lamp cover will pop up the Warm and Soft light. This along with a stable and non-flickering design is so friendly on your eyes that you can have a good night's sleep. Suitable for both Press-Activated bedside/nightstand lamps.

Simultaneous Charging:

Creatively designed ChargLite-4 comes with 4 USB charging ports around the lamphouse, saving not just space but also time by allowing users to charge 4 devices simultaneously. Whether you're looking to get the most out of your plug sockets at home or trying to organize your desk, the Promate Four USB Charger is the perfect solution. Featuring 4 USB ports that allow you to charge and power 4 devices simultaneously.

4.4A Total Output for Quick Recharging of Mobile and Tablet Devices:

Designed to replenish smartphones and tablets, the Ultra Four USB Mains Charger transfers a total of 4.4A of charging current from its USB ports.

Compact and Handy Design:

The creatively designed Desktop Charger with 4 USB port around the lamp house help save space at work or home by organizing and charging multiple devices. Perfect for Hallways, Bedrooms, and places requiring organizing and extra light. Light in Weight and Compact in size makes the ChargLite-4 a perfect choice while traveling.

Energy-Efficient and Eye-Caring LEDs:

Warm LED provides nice warm light output, no bulb replacement with energy-efficient LEDs. It does not cost a lot to keep this running, save money on power bill; and the LED guide the light towards every corner of the case, making the light soft instead of shooting into your eyes, not hurt you or your beloved ones' eyes.

3 in 1 Protection (Smart IC):

With multiple ports, it is imperative to ensure that each of your devices is getting the right and maximum charge, which is why the Multi-Port ChargLite-4 USB Charging Station features smart auto-detect technology (Smart IC). This technology protects the user’s device from over-heating, over-current & short-circuit while delivering the best possible charge and ensuring the safety of each device.

Easy Operation:

Plugging into an AC electrical outlet socket and pushing the button on top of the lamp cover will pop up the Warm and Soft light. It can be used as an LED Nightlight, a charger to charge 4 USB devices simultaneously, or both.

Complete Protection:

You won’t have to worry about the safety of your devices while they are charging. The charge-4 features over-charging, over-heating, and over-current protection, thereby virtually eliminating the chances of your devices being damaged.

Universal Compatibility:

Compatible with all USB-powered devices in the market from Apple iPhones/iPads/iPods, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets, Google Pixel, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Music Players, and many others.

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