Quest for Liberty

by Gikonyo Kiano

  • ISBN: 9789966369611
  • SKU: 2030311000847

When the history of Kenya is told, a number of people feature prominently. One such person is Dr Julius Gikonyo Kiano, a politician who put Kenya before self. Dr Kiano was the first Kenyan to earn a doctorate degree, and the first African to teach at the Royal Technical College, now University of Nairobi. His story enumerates Kenya's struggle for independence and the role played by various nationalists in this noble cause.Quest for Liberty represents the acme of Dr Kiano's life as a politician. He was among those who negotiated for a new constitution at Lancaster House Conference just before Independence. As a dedicated minister in both Kenyatta and Moi cabinets, he implemented various notable programmes such as the Africanisation initiative that set the country on the path to economic independence. The famous airlifts to America that saw hundreds of young Kenyans enrol in universities in the US was his brainchild together with the late Tom Mboya.

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