Quick Reading Science 4

by E. Owino N. Joseph

  • ISBN: 9789966312501
  • SKU: 2010123000756

Quick Reading Science Pupil's Book 4 has been uniquely developed to provide quick revision for standard 4 Pupils. Each book in the series comprehensively covers the Primary level Science Syllabus. 

The Quick Reading Science Series contains: 

Structured content organised into Terms I, 11,111 to enhance revision and to help teachers during scheming and lesson planning, Well-organised short notes in summarised bullet points for the units covered in standard 4-science syllabus,

'Points to note' to emphasise the examinable areas of science concepts, 

Real and full colour photographs and quality illustrations to reinforce learning and captivate the interest of the learners. 

A variety of moderated 'Homeworks' at the end of each sub-topic for classroom and home use which comprehensively test the syllabus objectives of each sub-topic. Well researched 'Revision Exercises' at the end of each topic which revises the syllabus objectives and competencies, 

Two Model Test Papers in Mid-Terms I, II and III,

Two Model Test Papers at the End of Terms 1, II and III. 

One End of Year Model Exam, 

Ten K.C.P.E Model Test Papers at the end of the book, and Answers to all the questions at the end of the hook. 

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