Raila Odinga: The Flame of Freedom

by Raila Odinga

  • ISBN: 2030310000244
  • SKU: 2030310000244

The Flame of Freedom chronicles the remarkable journey of one of Africa's leading politicians and statesmen. Raila Odinga's life-story mirrors the triumphs and tragedies of Kenya's struggle to entrench multi-party democracy and the rule of law into the fabric of the State. The book is a testament to his courage, determination and sacrifice in the cause of peace, development and public service. It is a bold call to action for all African leaders.

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  1. The flame of freedom

    keep the flames of freedom burning without being consumed.The flame of freedom is a biography for everyone.whether you are a political scientist,political analyst or a general reader :it is a must read as it cuts through the days of independence,the reign of Jomo kenyatta,Daniel Moi ,Mwai Kibaki ,coalition government of 2008,early life of Raila and his brother Oburu who is only 18 months older than Raila,Raila ,s education ,work and then into kenyan politics .

    Reviewed by Aggrey on 14 Aug 2017, 8:28 p.m.

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