by Brown, Ellen

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Home-made ice cream recipes that capture the flavors you remember and the artisanal flair of today's boutique creators? Scoop is a photo-packed guide to making and enjoying ice cream right at home.
Scoop reinterprets more than 150 classic recipes for home-made treats, carefully constructed for use with today's most popular freezers. Including a celebratory introduction, take a tour through

  • Vanilla with Verve
  • For the Love of Chocolate
  • For the Kick of Coffee
  • Lighter Fruity Freezes
  • Laced with Liquor
  • And so much more including gelatos, sorbets, and toppings
In addition, fascinating profiles throughout Scoop introduce the ice cream connoisseur to two dozen of today's best artisan dairies and shops -- their histories and their best treats -- all with mouth-watering photographs to inspire your own creativity.

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