Scotland Yard classic 26601

The cult game from the 90s still delights the whole family and is back with a new edition. At the crime scene in London, Scotland Yard is chasing the mysterious criminal Mister X. The chase takes place across the city and the detectives must work together to find him. The great thing about the new edition is that the board game can now also be played in pairs.

The detective game, crime scene London. Scotland Yard is chasing the mysterious Mister X. One player is Mister X, and the others are the detectives. An exciting chase begins. But Mister X cannot be recognized by the detectives. The only clue: is his tickets. Where is he moving next? Across the Thames? Back to Buckingham Palace? In order to be able to stop Mister X, the detectives have to show teamwork and work well together. Caution: Mister X likes to trick everyone, suddenly secretly uses a ferry and covers all tracks. Mister X wins if he manages to drive through London to the end of the final game round without being caught by Scotland Yard. The detectives win if a detective is on the same station as Mister X at the same time.


1 game board, 6 game figures, 29 starting cards, 130 tickets, 3 double train tickets, 5 ticket boards, 1 journey board, 1 screen, 2 rings for the bobbies

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