Secondary English Form 1 4th Edition.

Secondary English is a new English course that is tailored to meet the learning needs of students in secondary school. The series is written by a team of experts in the subject. It dexterously integrates English and Literature in a way that makes the learning process not only enjoyable but also enriching for the students. The course is learner-centred and it is structured in a manner that allows students actively participate in the learning process. The course therefore helps learners to discover facts other than memorise what they are taught thus making the knowledge indelibly imprinted on their minds. English is in this course taught in context, and learning situations that are familiar to the students are used. Each Students’ Book in the series has an accompanying Teachers’ Guide, which sets out lesson objectives clearly and gives detailed and useful information on lesson development for the teacher.

Secondary English Students’ Book 1 is the first book in this series. It is written in line with the New English syllabus for Form One. The lessons in the book are set out in a logical progression. The book contains numerous involving exercises and activities that are tailored for classroom interactions, thus making the learning process well rounded and effective. Pronunciation of problematic sounds is taught in a student-friendly method. Students are helped as much as possible to master and present correct pronunciation by being provided with phonetic transcriptions of the target words. The book also cuts across a broad spectrum of emerging issues and in addition to teaching the language, develops the students towards acceptable values and attitudes in the society. This is one book that students wishing to excel in English language cannot do without.

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