Secondary Physics: Practical Approach KLB

by KLB

Secondary Physics: A Practical Approach is a comprehensive guide designed to assist secondary school teachers and students in preparing for and performing Physics experiments in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. The text features practical work derived from the secondary school Physics syllabus and provides sample questions and answers, thereby giving the learner sufficient information on the kind of challenges met during Physics practical sessions or examination. While adequately preparing the Physics candidates for the KCSE exam, the book positively responds to the need for students to appreciate subject concepts through the much-desired practical approach. The book offers useful tips on correct use of laboratory instruments, the basic theory behind common Physics experiments done at the secondary school level, performing of the experiments, obtaining and manipulation of readings/expressions from practicals, and subsequent drawing of viable inferences pertaining to various phenomena. With elaborate diagrams and clear instructions, the book enables the student to carry out Physics experiments with little assistance and at the same time serves adequately as the teacher's guide for practical work. The book is authored by a panel of experts with a wealth of experience in the writing of Physics books and teaching of Physics at secondary school. It is a must-read for those wishing to pass the Physics Practicals Paper.

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