Smart Score Encyclopaedia Std 7

by LHN

Smart Score Encyclopaedia Standard 7 is a well researched combination of all examinable K.C.P.E subjects that provides a quick revision for pupils at this level. The book has been prepared with strict adherence to the Kenyan Primary Syllabus by experienced and accomplished authors. The authors are also seasoned examiners in their respective subjects who understand the specific needs of the learners.The book comes complete with:

  • Opening Examinations for all subjects to prepare pupils for every new term,
  • Well organised summary notes with relevant examples that make it an exciting learning experience,
  •  Clear and well labelled illustrations and maps,
  • Verse and chapter quotations from the Bible and Qur'an for CRE and IRE respectively,
  • Practice/Revision Exercises within topics,
  • Mid Term Examinations for all the terms, 
  • End Term Examinations for all the terms, 
  • Model Test Papers,
  • Answers to all Practice/Revision Exercises and Examinations.
ISBN: 9789966313027 SKU: 2010133000840
KES 965

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