Spotlight quick Revision Science 4

Spotlight Quick Revision Science 4 has been uniquely designed to be of great help to Standard 4 pupils in revising the Standard 4 syllabus as well as setting focus for the KCPE examination.The book is a very useful tool for teachers who need a variety of questions for Continuous AssessmentTests, End-of-Term and End-of-Year examinations.

The key features of this book:

  • There are II units covering the entire Class 4 Science syllabus.
  • Bullet point summary has been applied for easy and quick revision of the content by the pupil.
  • Notes and Come across the reality have been applied at various instances to and appropriately explain concepts at hand to the pupil.
  • At the end of each unit, there are 20 structured questions and 20 multiple-choice questions which comprehensively test and revise the syllabus contents of each topic.
  • Topics are spread into Terms I, II and III to guide both the pupil and the teacher in managing the syllabus content.
  • Three Model Test Papers at the end of each Term that exhaustively cover the topics taught up to that term.
  • Ten Model Test Papers at the back pages of the book covering the entire Science syllabus up to Standard 4, help to effectively prepare pupils for the ultimate KCPE Science paper.
  • With 220 topical structured questions and 1, 170 multiple-choice questions, this is the most comprehensive Science revision book you need.
  • Answers to all the questions in the book are provided at the back pages of the book.

KES 603

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