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by Kotter

  • ISBN: 9780241255360
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What can you learn about the long-term success of your organization from a colony of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert? 

More than you can imagine.

‘This unique parable shows us how we’re safer in changing times when we innovate’

Spencer Johnson, MD, author of Who Moved My Cheese?

‘This simple parable of furry mammals facing the challenge of adapting to threat offers real insights into the journey so many of us make. Brilliant’

General Stanley McChrystal (ret.), author of Team of Teams and co-founder of the McChrystal Group

‘John Kotter does it again. His use of metaphor helps readers distill down to the fundamental requirements for a high-performing organization: tapping the hearts and minds of team members in service to a compelling purpose’

Leigh Morgan, COO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

‘It works. And not just for meerkats’

Gaétan Thomas, NB Power president, and CEO

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