The Adventures of Mekatilili


  • ISBN: A06281
  • SKU: 2010141001036

The E.A.E.P. Secondary Readers Series has been deliberately developed to meet the supplementary reading needs of students in lower secondary school. Students are encouraged to read repeatedly and widely the books in the series for the advancement of both their written and spoken English. Emphasis should at this stage be placed on reading for enjoyment. Elaborate study of the text is not necessary, although English Language and Literature in English teachers will find the book suitable for class readers. These readers should provide groundwork for more elaborate study of literature in later classes. This book is based on the story of Mekatilili Wa Menza, famous for fighting against the British is an imaginary story interwoven with interesting historical facts which happened among the Mijikenda at the coast.The fast pace of the story will make it good reading. What makes the main character Mekatilili so outstanding? What makes her so strikingly similar to the legendary heroine of Mijikenda history? This well written story will no doubt answer these questions.  

KES 400

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