The Christmas Spirit

by Joel Osteen

  • ISBN: 9780857201546
  • SKU: 2030307000660
Joel Osteen is highly influential and inspirational in the Christian community around the globe and an initiator of change for the millions to whom he preaches.A Christmas Spirit by Joel Osteen offers an inspiring and uplifting collection of true stories of families and friends celebrating Christian traditions during Christmastime. The book will help readers to return to the true meaning of what Christmas is about by practising principles taught by Jesus. Osteen's collection of unique stories highlights the importance of family, faith and the Christian spirit over Christmas. The words in Osteen’s faith-based advice book will be inspiring and insightful, a welcome light in the lives of the faithful at a very special time of year.This new book of stories from family and friends about Christmas will be cherished by readers everywhere.

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