The Grapevine Stories

by Focus

  • ISBN: A05711
  • SKU: 2010141000466

Tina closed her eyes and tried to imagine the transition in her mind. She had seen a picture of her ex-husband in the sitting room and she now tried to visualize this new cowering six-foot-two personality, but all she could recall was his whining, panicky voice, and the lines of agony on his face as she calmly repeated—feeling a thrill as she did so—that she had another lover and was going away to England. -This will kill me," he had cried, biting his trembling lips and sinking heavily onto their bed. "Tell me you have not been unfaithful—that you don't love him..." And all she could think then was how unmanly his rising voice had become as she swung the closet door open and shut, a faint smile on her face, looking slim, pretty, and unfeeling. Ide had slapped her hard. kill him!", which somehow made her smile even more through her cut lips... 

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