The Help

by Kathryn Stockett

Enter a vanished and unjust world Jackson Mississippi Where black maids raise white children but aren t trusted not to steal the silver There s Aibileen raising her seventeenth white child and nursing the hurt caused by her own son s tragic death and Minny whose cooking is nearly as sassy as her tongue

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Faith kaluai reviewed on 13 Feb 2020


literally could not put down the book until i finished it.

Priscilla Jean-Louis reviewed on 20 Aug 2020

The Help

It is hard not to get upset by what you are reading especially if you are black. It is disturbing to know that years later we are still having to deal with race-related problems. The fact that the book can stir up such strong emotions means that it is well written!

Cindy Mueni reviewed on 15 Dec 2020

Very Good

Kathryn Stockett's 2009 novel really depicts her brilliance in writing. The Help is a fictional novel that focuses on the lives of three women; two coloured maids and one white woman. The latter comes up with an idea to write a book revealing what the coloured maids in Jackson, Mississippi undergo serving white households. The book is set in the early 1960s. I loved this book because it's writing was so smooth. Details were given but not in an overburdening manner. You can tell that the book was very well thought of because of the characters. The characters - don't get me started on the characters! Each and every character was carefully thought out. The other reason I loved this book is that it takes you through an emotional rollercoaster. The words are woven in such a manner that will make you laugh, cry and be angry in one chapter. Another reason why this book won my heart is because of the language it uses. In the chapters where the persona is a maid, the English used is broken. I thought that this was going to be a deal breaker for me but as I went on, the story became more and more gripping and I actually ended up enjoying the authenticity it brought to the book. Last but not least, the book gives you something to mull over such that by the end of the book, you are more enlightened than when you started reading it. To be honest, this book was worth every shilling I spent buying it. I would highly recommend it only t the people who blink at least a hundred times a day. ;)

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