The Power of Now, A Guide to spiritual enlightenment (Practising the Power of Now.Essential Teachings,Meditations and Exercises from The power of now).

by Russell E. Dicarlo, Marc Allen, Eckhart Tolle

  • ISBN: 9781577311522
  • SKU: 2030307000014

** Two books at the price on one! **

Hugely successful and internationally bestselling author Eckhart Tolle guides us through a challenging but extraordinarily rewarding journey to find THE POWER OF NOW. We learn that we can find our way out of psychological pain; authentic human power is found by surrendering to the Now; the silence and space all around us is one of the keys to entering inner peace. In the Now, the present moment, problems do not exist. In the Now, we discover that we are already complete and perfect.'THE POWER OF NOW is the bible dujour-a must-read for anyone looking for a modern take on spirituality...Essential reading for anyone who might be feeling weighed down by the past or fearful of the future.' Red

The Power of Now has in a short time already proved to be one of the greatest spiritual books written in recent times. It contains a power that goes beyond words, and it can lead us to a much quieter place beyond our thoughts, a place where our thought-created problems dissolve, and we discover what it means to create a liberated life. Throughout, there are specific practices and clear keys that show us how to discover for ourselves the 'grace, ease, and lightness' that come when we simply quieten our thoughts and see the world before us in the present moment.

Practising the Power of Now is a carefully arranged series of excerpts from The Power of Now that directly give us those exercises and keys. Read this book slowly, or even just open it at random, reflect on the words, reflect even on the space between the words,and - maybe over time, maybe immediately - you'll discover something of life-changing significance. You'll find the power, the ability to change and elevate not only your life, but your world as well.

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