The Sad Artist and other fairytales

by Ndiritu Wahome

  • ISBN: 9780615984926
  • SKU: 2030303004726

The artist sat on a hill overlooking the city and deep within him, he was sad. Didn’t he behold men commit injustices, unholy acts that ruined the lives of many and made them a living hell? He saw many things, but as he sat on the hill, he chose to ignore them and lie on the green grass.“Why are you so sad, master?” purred the kitty.“I think that the artist is in love,” said a song bird that perched on a nearby branch of a yew tree,” but doesn’t he listen to music and read poetry, for musicians and poets do sing and write about love and the things it makes one do?”“I don’t think he is in love, “replied the soft green grass that the artist lay his back on, “I think that he has read a lot of philosophy, literature and the arts, and his mind has grown in a way that he sees so much ignorance in men, and possibly that is why he contemplates on how one can make this world a better place.”

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