The Sunshine Sisters

by Jane Green

  • ISBN: 9781509848225
  • SKU: 2030301006109

It was never ea being one of Ronni Sunshine's daughters. Publicly, she is the amorous, successful, dramatic Hollywood actress. Privately, she is Self-absorbed, angry, and a disinterested, narcissistic mother. Now IN her seventies, Ronni has had strange symptoms for a while, but has refused to believe her diagnosis: she has ALS. There is no cure. 

Ronni's three adult daughters - Nell, Meredith, and Lizzy -are largely estranged, both from her and from each other. All are going through crises of their own. But Ronni is adamant that they must come home, and help her take her own life. As their mother's illness draws them together to confront old jealousies and secret fears, they discover that blood mi•ht be thicker than water after all ... 

KES 850

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