Tim Cook: The Genius who took Apple

by Kahney

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Steve Jobs’s death in 2011 unleashed a worldwide outpouring of grief for one of the most iconic innovators and entrepreneurs in history. But pity the man who had to step into his shoes. Tim Cook, Jobs’s long-time lieutenant, had a very different reputation: quiet, down-to-earth, numbers-driven, even boring. Suddenly the world was deeply sceptical, if not contemptuous, of Apple’s new CEO.

How could an unimaginative operations guy like Tim Cook replace the creative visionary who gave us the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and so much more?

But as journalist Leander Kahney shows in this first-ever biography of Cook, the critics and sceptics were wrong. Cook has led Apple to greater heights than ever during the past eight years, as it crossed the astonishing milestone of becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company.

Under Cook, the iPhone has become the single most successful product of all time. The Apple Watch has spawned a whole new wearable industry. And its service businesses (music, apps and digital subscriptions) have been growing astronomically. Even Apple's share of the PC market has expanded. Kahney shows why these successes were neither lucky breaks for Cook, nor merely the by-products of the Jobs era.

Kahney also explores how Cook has used his visibility to make a difference beyond Apple’s bottom line. Unlike Jobs, Cook is willing to speak out about public interest issues such as internet privacy, human rights and environmental conservation. And while he ; doesn’t say much about his personal life, Cook’s decision to come out as the first openly gay Fortune 500 CEO has made him a role model for the LGBTQ community.

Based on interviews with Cook’s colleagues — and told in the same engaging style as Kahney’s Inside Steve’s Brain and Jony Ive, Tim Cook gives us new insights into Apple’s recent challenges and triumphs. ;

‘With Steve Jobs’s passing, Apple can survive, but it won’t prevail’ Forbes, October 2011

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