Toby The Cross-Eyed Stray

by Haddon

  • ISBN: 9780600630982
  • SKU: 2030301006868

'Hunched among the shoes, half hidden by my dresses, filthy and terrified, he looked like a cat that might be seriously ill. He was toast-rack thin, with all his ribs sticking out, even through his longish hair...' As Toby's story unfolds, so does Celia's. From her alcoholic exploits as a Fleet Street journalist during the 60s, to the death of her mother, Celia's bond with the feline world becomes stronger. Ronnie, a former war correspondent with an incredible career also finds himself succumbing to feline charms and comes to need Toby as much as Celia does. This is a story of courage, hope and love in the most trying of circumstances.

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