Top Literature Series: Angels of the Wild

by Mbugua

  • ISBN: 9789966068217
  • SKU: 2010141002368

The men inched their way towards a large elephant which was grazing behind the herd. A shot rang out. The elephant trumpeted desperately. Another shot rang out and the big mammal fell onto the ground with a thud. It struggled for dear life but the bullets had sapped away all its strength.

The man with the power saw turned it on and started cutting away the elephants tusks.

Birgen could feel his whole body shaking with indignation.

As a young boy, Birgen has a transformative dream that sets him on a perilous journey and leads him to a face to face encounter with poachers who are killing elephants and rhinos with abandon. Through his creativity and that of his young friends, he comes up with an innovation capable of saving the endangered species from extinction; and through his courage, he helps bring rich and powerful culprits to justice despite threats on his life.


KES 325

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