Trader and the Merchant Moran GR Lv4

Moran Graded Readers
Titles in this series

Level 1
The Goose that laid Golden Eggs
The Lion and the Jackal
The Lion and the Mouse The Mongoose and the Child The Pigeon and the Bee
The Foolish Friend
The Brave and the Coward
The Hunchbacked Warrior The Trader and the Merchant
The Four Puppets The End of Violence

Level 2
The Hunter and the Lion
The Lazy Grasshopper The Monkey and the Crocodile The Monkey and the two Boys
The Wise king
How Michael became a land owner
Jesper's Tasks
Queen Geraldine The Boy who learnt to Fear
The King's Ring

Level 3
The Lazy Alex The Businessman, Tiger & Six Judges
The Iron Man The King's Tests The Monkey Prince The Stonecutter's Wishes
Dwarf Long-Nose
The Four Friends The Adventures of Prince Windsun
The Barber's clever Wife The five wise teachings


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