Warren Buffett's Ground Rules

At the age of 26, Warren Buffett founded Buffett Partnership Limited, which lasted from 1956 to 1970. 
During this time he wrote 33 letters to his small but growing group of partners. These letters chronicle his thoughts, 
approaches and reflections in the period immediately prior to his Berkshire Hathaway 
tenure - one that saw an unprecedented record of investing success. This early period was astonishing: 
in 1968 he beat the Dow by more than 50%. Because Buffett wanted to ensure that his partners understood his process, 
he wrote letters. In them, he sets out what he termed "ground rules" for investing that remain startlingly relevant 
today for every type of investor - from beginners to sophisticated pros. Warren Buffett's Ground Rules brings together, 
for the first time, and with Buffett's blessing, the key investment principles and teachings the letters reveal. 
Here you will find the basis for Buffett's contrarian diversification strategy, his almost religious 
celebration of compounding interest and his tactics for bettering market results by at least 10% annually. 
Quoting extensively and directly from Buffett, equity research expert Jeremy Miller introduces us to the timeless 
advice the letters contain, demonstrating a set of highly effective investment strategies that continue to resonate today.

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