What to Expect Before you're Expecting

by Heidi Murkoff

  • ISBN: 9781847377067
  • SKU: 2030305000099

 How often should we be having sex to conceive?

 I’m 37. Does that mean I'll have a harder time getting pregnant?

 I’m overweight — does that affect my chances of getting pregnant?

 I’ve heard certain sex positions can help you conceive — true?

 Can certain foods help you get pregnant?


From the author of the world’s bestselling pregnancy manual, here is the invaluable first step in What to Expect; everything you need to know before you’re expecting to help you prepare for the healthiest possible pregnancy and the healthiest possible baby — and help you conceive that baby of your dreams faster:


How to have sex for conception success (from timing to positions to logistics) while keeping on-demand sex sexy. Which foods feed fertility. How to get your bodies into tip-top baby-making shape.

How to adjust your lifestyle. And when to seek fertility help, with the latest on treatments from Clomid and IVF to surrogacy and more. Plus tips throughout for hopeful dads, and a fertility planner to help you keep track of your baby-making adventure.

Packed with practical tips and reassuring advice, What to Expect Before You’re Expecting is the must-have guide for all parents-to-be.


‘Written by mothers, for mothers, full of eminently practical advice’


‘Worth its weight in gold’


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