Whispers from the Heavens Vol 1

by Winnie Thuku

  • ISBN: 9789966690005
  • SKU: 2030301003495

In today's world it is very easy for each of us to get distracted and a little off course. The world offers all kinds of distractions that can interfere with our daily walk with Jesus. In order to remain mindful of God, we all need the support that Whispers from Heaven can provide. Whether you have been a Christian for many years, have just recently found the Lord, or have never had a relationship with Jesus, this collection of daily messages and the stories behind each one is for you. These Whispers from Heaven will help you gain a closer walk with Jesus that we all so very much need.


"I look forward to Brother Jeff 's daily messages. They are always uplifting and have meaning to me. They always remind me that no matter how hard life can be or how many obstacles I may face, as long as I have faith in the Lord, the good Lord will help me prevail". -SYLVIA EATON

"Lives are going to be blessed; each message seems written just for me". -ANNAMARIE LONGFELLOW

"The messages help me get through my rough days. When I'm having a hard time, I go back and reread my messages from past days. You always know when I need a reminder of how much Jesus loves me or a reminder of how good I have life". -MARIE LITTLE

"I always enjoy the daily messages shared by Jeff. They inspire me to be in control of my way of thinking, to do my best to remain positive, and to do it all by implementing God's word". -CHARLA NELSON

"I look forward each day to Brother Jeff 's quotes. They are full of wisdom, encouragement, and love. The Lord uses Brother Jeff 's quotes daily for His glory". -CLINT AVERY

"For the past two years, I have really been sick; the messages are very uplifting, and I look forward to getting them daily". -STEVE REEVES

"The excerpts from the Whispers from Heaven series are a great inspiration and on a daily basis remind me of God's unending love and grace". -ROBIN WIRTH

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