Why Chameleon eats Insects 2h

by Carey

  • ISBN: 2010141001146
  • SKU: 2010141001146

chameleon had a beatiful compound,she liked walking around the compound,She liked to see her trees,she also liked her green grass. one day chameleon called other animals for a party. It was her birthday party.The animals were happy.they sang and danced.chameleaon told them,"don't cut trees.They give us fresh air."Some listened to her.Others did not listen to her.After the party ,Chameleon went to her farm.She wanted to eat some fruits.She ate mangoes,grapes and oranges.Some insects were also eating the fruit.They were making the fruit to rot.Chameleon did not like this.She told herself,"I will look for the insects and eat them."Chameleon started looking for the insects. she walked and walked.Many days passed.Chameleon was still walking.Other animals did not know where she was.They started to look for her.They searched and searched.They looked under the locks.They searched near the river.

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