Wild Ride: Inside uber's quest world domination

In your pocket is something amazing: a quick and easy way to summon a total stranger who will take you anywhere you'd like. In your hands is something equally amazing: the untold story of Uber's meteoric rise and the massive ambitions of its larger-than-Late founder and CEO.
Before Travis Kalanick became famous as the public face of Uber, he was a scrappy, rough-edged, loose-lipped entrepreneur, Now, he's also combative, relentless, and non-fisted against competitors. At the helm of Uber global behemoth worth $69 billion, Kalanick has inspired both admiration and loathing as he's Hosted government regulators, thrown the taxi industry into a tailspin, and stirred controversy over possible exploitation of drivers. And there's still more in stores like other Silicon Valley icons such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, he's always focused on the next disruptive innovation and the world to conquer
Wild Ride is the first truly inside look at Uber's global empire. Veteran journalist Adam Lashinsky, the bestselling author of Inside Apple, draws en exclusive in-depth interviews with Kalanick and many other sources who share new details about Uber's power struggles. He also explores its doomed venture into China and the race to beat Google. Tesia. Lyft and GM to develop self-driving cars. Lashinsky even got behind the wheel as an Uber driver himself to learn what is really like
Uber has made headlines thanks to its eye-popping valuations and rapid expansion around the world. But this book is the first account of how Uber really became the giant it is today and how it plans to conquer the future
ADAM LASHINSKY the active editor of Fortunes editorial director of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference and co-chair of the Fortune Global Forum He wrote the 2012 New York Times bestseller inside Apple, and he appears regularly on Fox News. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter

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