Will power doesn't work: Discover the hidden

by Hardy

  • ISBN: 9780349417936
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If you're relying on willpower to lose weight, improve your relationships or achieve more at work, you're doomed to fail.

The environment around us is far too powerful, stimulating, addicting and stressful to overcome by white-knuckling. The only way to stop just surviving and learn to truly thrive in today’s world is to create and control your environment. That's the premise of Willpower Doesn't Work by organisational psychologist and Medium.com’s most read writer, Benjamin Hardy. Building on copious existing research, as well as his own experiences growing up in a broken family afflicted by addiction and being a foster parent, Hardy explains that lasting personal change, high performance, creativity and productivity can occur only by strategically outsourcing your desired behaviour to goal-enriching environments.

Hardy shows how small changes in our surroundings can lead to big changes: he'll demonstrate how to regularly unplug and make big decisions outside your routine environment, embed ‘forcing functions’ into your life for peak productivity and focus, rotate your environments frequently for optimal and ongoing energy and many more strategies to proactively shape your world so you can consciously evolve into the person you want to become.

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