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  1. Quest for Liberty
    Quest for Liberty
    by Gikonyo Kiano
    KES 1,930
  2. Shoe dog
    Shoe dog
    by Knight
    KES 1,290
  3. Walking in Kenyatta Struggles
    Walking in Kenyatta Struggles
    by Duncan Ndegwa
    KES 2,320
  4. Pablo Escobar: My Father
    Pablo Escobar: My Father
    by Juan Pablo Escobar
    KES 1,190
  5. Higher Loyalty (Soft Back)
    Higher Loyalty (Soft Back)
    by James Comey
    KES 950
  6. Unbowed One woman's Story
    Unbowed One woman's Story
    by Wangari Maathai
    KES 950
  7. Princess
    by Sasson, Jean
    KES 800
  8. KENYA: Through My Father’s Eyes
    KENYA: Through My Father’s Eyes
    by Camerapix LTD
    KES 24,000
  9. Infidel: My Life
    Infidel: My Life
    by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    KES 950
  10. Mbappe
    by Luca Caioli
    KES 1,190
  11. Desert Dawn
    Desert Dawn
    by Waris Dirie, Jeanne d'ha…
    KES 1,150
  12. Daughters of Arabia
    Daughters of Arabia
    by Jean Sasson
    KES 800