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    1. Thursdays by Jackson Biko
      Thursdays by Jackson Biko
      by Jackson Biko
      KES 900
    2. Who Moved My Cheese?
      Who Moved My Cheese?
      by Spencer Johnson
      KES 550
    3. Laws of Human Nature
      Laws of Human Nature
      by Robert Greene
      KES 1,990
    4. Never Split the Difference
      Never Split the Difference
      by Chris Voss
      KES 950
    5. Power of Focus
      Power of Focus
      by Jack Canfield
      KES 1,390
    6. Talking to Strangers
      Talking to Strangers
      by Malcolm Gladwell
      KES 950
    7. Start with Why
      Start with Why
      by simon sinek
      KES 1,150
    8. How Women Rise (Small)
      How Women Rise (Small)
      by Helgesen,Goldsmith
      KES 950
    9. Thinking, fast and slow
      Thinking, fast and slow
      by Daniel Kahneman
      KES 990
    10. Unsafe Thinking
      Unsafe Thinking
      by Jonah Sachs
      KES 950
    11. Give Me My Mountain
      Give Me My Mountain
      by Muchemi
      KES 1,450
    12. Boy who Harnessed the Wind
      Boy who Harnessed the Wind
      by William Kamkwamba
      KES 1,590
    13. Letters to My Son
      Letters to My Son
      by Joan Thatiah
      KES 800