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    1. Kigogo (Story Moja)
      Kigogo (Story Moja)
      by Story Moja
      KES 377
    2. Drug Index.it Eastern Africa 16ED
      Drug Index.it Eastern Africa 16ED
      by Kimotho
      KES 1,000
    3. Blossoms of the Savannah
      Blossoms of the Savannah
      by Kulet
      KES 580
    4. Good News Bible
      Good News Bible
      by Bible society
      KES 812
    5. I Swear by Apollo
      I Swear by Apollo
      by Margaret Ogola
      KES 406
    6. A Doll's House
      A Doll's House
      by Henrik Ibsen
      KES 520
    7. Pearl (Setbook)
      Pearl (Setbook)
      by John Steinbeck
      KES 458