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    1. Chozi la Heri
      Chozi la Heri
      by Assumpta K. Matei
      KES 400
    2. A Doll's House
      A Doll's House
      by Henrik Ibsen
      KES 520
    3. Primary Mathematics Std 7
      Primary Mathematics Std 7
      KES 717
    4. Blossoms of the Savannah
      Blossoms of the Savannah
      by Kulet
      KES 580
    5. Pearl (Setbook)
      Pearl (Setbook)
      by John Steinbeck
      KES 458
    6. Primary Science Std 7
      Primary Science Std 7
      KES 510
    7. Tumbo Lisiloshiba (Longhorn)
      Tumbo Lisiloshiba (Longhorn)
      by Chokocho
      KES 487
    8. My Life in Crime by John Kiriamiti
      My Life in Crime by John Kiriamiti
      KES 534