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  1. City of Thorns
    City of Thorns
    by Ben Rawlence
    KES 1,050
  2. Belonging in Africa
    Belonging in Africa
    KES 950
  3. North of South
    North of South
    by Naipul
    KES 990
  4. Lords of Poverty
    Lords of Poverty
    by G. Hancock
    KES 1,150
  5. Weight Of Whispers
    Weight Of Whispers
    KES 348
  6. Ordinary Man (Large)
    Ordinary Man (Large)
    KES 750
    Out of stock
  7. Why Africa is poor
    Why Africa is poor
    by Greg Mills
    KES 1,220
    Out of stock
  8. Africas Animal Kingdom
    Africas Animal Kingdom
    KES 1,496
    Out of stock
  9. Sahara
    by Michael Palin
    KES 1,032
    Out of stock