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    1. Brown Paper Roll 4 Sheets
      Brown Paper Roll 4 Sheets
      KES 60
      Out of stock
    2. Photocopy Paper A4 AONE
      Photocopy Paper A4 AONE
      KES 450
    3. Deli Laminator A4 ref3891
      Deli Laminator A4 ref3891
      KES 6,000
    4. Paper Punch DL8601 Dingli
      Paper Punch DL8601 Dingli
      KES 340
    5. Photocopy Paper A4 Double
      Photocopy Paper A4 Double
      KES 500
    6. Dingli Stapler DL.967
      Dingli Stapler DL.967
      KES 420
      Out of stock
    7. Afri Laser Labels K002-25
      Afri Laser Labels K002-25
      KES 350
    8. Pencil pouch No.15 N10
      Pencil pouch No.15 N10
      KES 200
    9. Kangaro Staples 24/6 5000s
      Kangaro Staples 24/6 5000s
      KES 200
    10. Paper Clip Small No1
      Paper Clip Small No1
      KES 30
    11. Flip Chart Sheet Bank pad
      Flip Chart Sheet Bank pad
      KES 360
    12. Afri Label White K22
      Afri Label White K22
      KES 30