Storage Media

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  1. Sandisk 16GB Flash Disk
    Sandisk 16GB Flash Disk
    KES 950
  2. Toshiba Flash 32GB THNU32
    Toshiba Flash 32GB THNU32
    KES 1,400
  3. Sandisk SD Card 64GB
    Sandisk SD Card 64GB
    KES 4,500
  4. Toshiba Flash Air 16GB
    Toshiba Flash Air 16GB
    KES 3,500
  5. Iconix 4Gb Flashdisk
    Iconix 4Gb Flashdisk
    KES 900
  6. Toshiba  Smart Back-up 500GB
    Toshiba Smart Back-up 500GB
    KES 6,800
  7. Sandisk 32GB Flash Disk
    Sandisk 32GB Flash Disk
    KES 1,500
  8. Lenovo Hard Drive 2TB
    Lenovo Hard Drive 2TB
    KES 11,000
  9. Transcend Ext HDD 4TB 2.5"
    Transcend Ext HDD 4TB 2.5"
    KES 19,500
  10. Sandisk Sd Card 16Gb
    Sandisk Sd Card 16Gb
    KES 1,200
  11. Iconix OTG Mobile 32Gb
    Iconix OTG Mobile 32Gb
    KES 1,950
    Out of stock
  12. Iconix OTG Mobile 16Gb
    Iconix OTG Mobile 16Gb
    KES 1,550
    Out of stock
  13. Iconix USB Flashdrive 8GB
    Iconix USB Flashdrive 8GB
    KES 1,100
  14. New!
    SONY DVD+R 4.7GB 1X
    SONY DVD+R 4.7GB 1X
    KES 150