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    1. Pelikan Eraser BR40
      Pelikan Eraser BR40
      KES 20
    2. Fx 82MS Casio calculator
      Fx 82MS Casio calculator
      KES 1,100
    3. Manila Envelop B4 50pcs
      Manila Envelop B4 50pcs
      KES 220
    4. More Suspension file
      More Suspension file
      KES 75
    5. Ruled Record Cards 8x5
      Ruled Record Cards 8x5
      KES 200
    6. Name Badge Sakura 35C
      Name Badge Sakura 35C
      KES 15
    7. Pelikan Plastic Sharpener
      Pelikan Plastic Sharpener
      KES 10
    8. Clip Board A4 PVC Double PDA4
      Clip Board A4 PVC Double PDA4
      KES 240
      Out of stock
    9. Pelikan Eraser AS40
      Pelikan Eraser AS40
      KES 10
    10. School Bell 3" No.30
      School Bell 3" No.30
      KES 700
    11. Nataraj Neon Round Sharpener
      Nataraj Neon Round Sharpener
      KES 10
      Out of stock