KLB Visionary Hygiene and Nutrition Grade 3

by KLB

Hygiene and Nutrition Activities is a course intended to equip learners with the basic knowledge, skills. and attitudes that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. The learner is empowered to take care of his or her own wellbeing as well as that of others. The learner is sensitized to adopt healthy practices in order to prevent the occurrence of infections associated with poor hygiene and sanitation practices.
This Learner's Workbook for Grade 3 comprehensively covers the 2017 competency-based curriculum. The learning activities are presented in a simple concise language and in an attractive layout designed to make the workbook learner friendly.
This workbook incorporates Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCIs) as required in the curriculum designs. Some PCIs addressed include education in the following areas: life skills and values, health, and environment.

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