Moran no More

As a young boy growing up in Enkare Ngusur, Roiman Ole Mugie's aspiration is to become a moran and, like his ancestors, 
to subsequently prove his bravery and valour among his peers. Fate has, however, charted his life differently and he soon finds himself transplanted to another world where his aspirations have to change. In his attempt to realise his new dreams,
Roiman comes into contact with the good, the bad and the ugly in society and he has to choose the group he should identify with. Integrity and moral values are pitted against corruption and insatiable greed as personified by Mzee Za-Kale.
With his wit, sense of humour and deep understanding of Maasai culture, Ole Kulet, through Roiman, brings to life the challenges that post-independence Kenya poses for the youth, caught up in the whirlwind of cultural, social, political and economic change. The vivid descriptions and balanced treatment of themes such as love, marriage, hope and 
reconciliation all go towards making a book that is difficult to put down until you have read the final page.

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