Queenex Language Workbook PP2 (Approved)

by Emilo

  • ISBN: 9789966075147
  • SKU: 2010101002689

Language Activities Workbook for Pre-Primary 2 is designed to help the learner acquire communication skills. The activities in this book will enhance the ability of the learner to become an active listener and speaker in diverse situations as well as express their feelings, ideas and opinions clearly and with confidence. In addition, reading readiness and writing readiness activities have been included to enable the learner laya good foundation for formal reading and writing in the future. The book is based on the New Competency Based Curriculum. The comprehensive course is written specifically for the Pre-Primary level. This book is designed to provide the learner with a strong foundation in skills that are essential. It enhances values and core competence for learners aged 5. The skills acquired will be useful in day to day life. 

KES 320

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